Nyctivoe Contemporary Dance

Video excerpts from Nyctivoe Contemporary Dance Performance

Presented: Jul 2006
Related to book: NYCTIVOE

Dimitris Lyacos’s narrative trilogy “Poena Damni” is a dark allegory that explores the ultimate limits of human existence. The second part of the trilogy, “Nyctivoe”, follows the makeshift presentation of a poetic theatrical work without the necessary resources, a pathetic and funny game of a group of proles in a setting of post-industrial dereliction. The story unfolds on a motif of isolated visions with fragmented monologues, of characters almost in a state of ecstasy. And while the staging suggests elements of realism, ( a dismantled car, trains are heard in the distance, fires, the sound of the sea ) the text floats in the regions of the metaphysical, concise and allusive, dreamy and fragmentary, and yet following a linear development. Articulated, one would say, on distant echoes of ancient tragedy and of No theatre, the work finishes in a contemporary subversive treatment of the vampire legend, combining material from the Bible with Hellenistic beliefs about the underworld and ritual practices. In this ruined setting director and actors search for, perhaps vainly, the construction of another – and unintentionly post-modern – ritual for death and the hope of another life, trying to blend the broken pieces of movements, of speech, of their dismembered world. MYIA DANCE COMPANY - The Myia dance company was formed in 1999 in Athens by Gabriela and Anna Anifantaki. So far the company has presented six different productions on a variety of mostly existential issues, through exploration of the body and focusing on its role in the formation of a language of the emotions. Myia Dance was voted among the five best contemporary dance companies in Greece for 2005. Their work has been shown in numerous festivals and is a recipient of a yearly grant by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Nyctivoe, a contemporary theatre-dance performance based on Dimitris Lyacos's play was shown on different locations in Greece, including Megaro Mousikis in 2006-2007.
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